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Pets & Fires, CHP's Lip Sync, Food & Wine with 2 Weeks to Live & More

Hello Friends! It's Sunday, August 5th. Another beautiful week ahead! It's late and Saturday evening
California Mishegoss
Pets & Fires, CHP's Lip Sync, Food & Wine with 2 Weeks to Live & More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #205 • View online
Hello Friends! It’s Sunday, August 5th. Another beautiful week ahead!
It’s late and Saturday evening and we’re just returning from an evening at the local Zoo with the grandkids for all the ice cream they could eat. Great time for all of us now to get to work.
This week we covered many stories on animals and the fires. From rescue groups for dogs, cats, and other animals to a tortoise rescue that saved over 80 tortoise’s from the fire in Redding.
Then there were the kids that donated to animals from domestic abuse homes from San Luis Obispo to all the benches in Cambria, California.
We’re full of wine and find stories and we hope you find your fill in them. Also a story about a woman with 2 weeks to live who has a night of wine and food! Great story!
Finally, there is always happenings around the state and we posted a few. We also posted some great stuff in California Mishegoss and we found the latest lip sync battle from the CHP Of California. Even a cameo from Eric Estrada. Remember “Ponch” from the shoe CHiP’S?
Have a great week.
Be Well
Mark & Patti

Off The 5
From the deserts in the south to the mountains in the north Off The 5, the main drag through California is full of culture, stories, & mishegoss you don’t want to miss.
Beyond the Fields: Farm Workers Excel Academically Through Cesar Chavez Program  - NBC Bay Area
The 101 to the 1 and Beyond
Culture, stories, & mishegoss flow from the oceans to the shores to the cities where surfing, skateboarding, and The Beach Boys started it all.
SLO County CA kids donate to pets of domestic abuse victims | The Tribune
Food, Wine, & Beer
Is there anything else we need to say? Of course, there is culture, stories, & mishegoss in this venue. So much so it needs its own category. 
Happenings Around the State
There is so much going on in California we felt it was only fitting to include some of the great cultural events going on every week. Keep checking here for things to do.
Big Bear Lake's Big Oktoberfest Grows Even Bigger  - NBC Southern California
California Mishegoss Files
This is the place you’ve been looking for. Stories of the insane and sane. The mad and the un-mad. The crazy and the non-crazy. It all gets posted here.
CHP Joins Lip Sync Battle
CHP Lip Sync Challenge - YouTube
CHP Lip Sync Challenge - YouTube
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