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R.I.P-H.D.S, California Raisins, Law & Order, Environment, and more

Sunday, a day of rest and reflection. It's also the first day of a new week and the second day of the
California Mishegoss
R.I.P-H.D.S, California Raisins, Law & Order, Environment, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #145 • View online
Sunday, a day of rest and reflection. It’s also the first day of a new week and the second day of the weekend. Confusing, right?
Think about it. It’s technically the first day of a new week, but it’s the second day of the weekend which is technically last week as of today. We’re getting confused ourselves, so let’s move on.
We’re working on an idea and we would like you thoughts on it. It’s something that Mark has been thinking about for a couple of months and just recently started speaking with others about it. We thought we could ask our great group of readers their thoughts on the idea and offer up some ideas of your own. We love help from our readers. It makes our job so much easier.
After some surveys the past month Mark found that there were two main reasons for people not subscribing to newsletters in general, not only ours. Speaking of subscribers, our newsletter hit the magic number of 20 subscribers here on Revue while we have about 40 readers on Medium when we post it there. Not bad for an upstart.
Sorry, back to the idea. The two main reasons Mark found from his surveys were, #1 giving out an email address (security/privacy) and #2 being sold products through the newsletter or even something from the publisher themselves as well as spam.
People don’t like to be spammed, especially in the in-box that gets flooded already. We found people are gravitating to newsletters more and more every day and there are more and more newsletters starting. Of those new newsletters many of them are commercial in content. They share links so the publisher makes money off clicks from affiliate links, and post adds for sponsors and they spam the subscriber with numerous follow up emails and offers.
While this is business there is another side to newsletters that get affected by this side of them. The newsletters like this one and many others like it that cater to the reader. We aim to give the reader some great content and insight without forcing anything down their throat. We aren’t in this for the money. Although money helps defray the cost of a newsletter and having adds and sponsors help there are other ways. Paypal offerings as in “buy me a cup of coffee” or something to that effect.
There are many ways to raise funding for newsletter if one wants, but they’re at making money. Clickable links, sponsors and more make the fast buck. But, at what cost?
Mark’s idea is to offer an online web-app that has a voting system for newsletters. It would allow for readers of current newsletters to write in their opinions of a newsletter that is listed. There would be a voting system like many of the upvoting sites you see on the web. There would be a podcast that is linked to the web-app where authors would be interviewed about their work so they have a chance to speak about their newsletter and what they want from it.
This wouldn’t be a one sided review/rating site where the newsletter author, publisher, and or readers wouldn’t have a say. There are always two, no, strike that three sides to every story. Some place between those three sides is reality. We want to get to that point so you can find out about a newsletter before you subscribe.
Wouldn’t it be nice to check out a newsletter and its content, main gold of the author and review from readers and others as to what you get when you sign up before you subscribe? We think so.
Now it’s your turn to inform us. Would this be something worthwhile to you? Would you use it if available? What would you want to know about a newsletter before subscribing?
We need your help and all you have to do is click a thumbs up or down below and comment. Give us your yay’s, and no’s we can handle it. But, also give us your ideas. Tell us what you want to see.
Have a great Sunday and see you Tuesday
Mark & Patti

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