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RIP: Monty & Hef, Plastics, Oldest Profession, Sports, and more

What a week we just went through, huh? Between deaths, calamity, and shenanigans around the world we
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RIP: Monty & Hef, Plastics, Oldest Profession, Sports, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #147 • View online
What a week we just went through, huh? Between deaths, calamity, and shenanigans around the world we didn’t think it would ever end. What could happen this coming week? Ponder that thought for a few before you dig into today’s newsletter.
We’ve been reading more and more from other writers we follow about journaling. One of our favorite writers and newsletter publisher we endorse Mike Sturm wrote a great piece on Medium about journaling. If you get a chance to check it out do so. Also check out his newsletter Woolgathering. It comes out once a week and it’s a winner. Subscribe now! (You can click on all of those highlighted links. We checked them out!)
Journaling isn’t new. It’s been around for years, but more and more people are talking about it so we felt we should weigh in a little on the subject.
Mark journaled daily for 10 years straight and according to him, these are his words, “It was the only thing that kept me sane while on a sabbatical. I would not have made it without journaling.” All that journaling has led to some great stories for his future posts on his blog.
For now journaling should be something you enjoy. It should be simple, quick, and informative for your own self. It should be a guide of your day or week. A memory of what happened. Maybe it’s about what you accomplished or need to accomplish in your life? It could be a journal about parenting or maybe it’s about a hobby you started or have? It doesn’t matter as long as you write.
With all of that writing it begs to ask, what do I do with all of these notes? Great question and we have a few ideas to start with.
#1. Start a blog, if you haven’t already
#2. Keep them for reference if you write down some ideas
#3. Review them every so often if you get down or question life
#4. Just cherish them or share them. Whatever makes you happy
I’m sure you have better ideas so why not share them with us and our readers? We’re always looking to learn new things and we’re sure our readers our as well. Remember we have a great group of readers here and on Medium so share the love and your ideas.
Have a great Sunday. See you Tuesday!
Mark & Patti

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