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RIP Stephen Hawking, Music, The Web, California and more...

Hello All! A letter from me to you! It's another Sunday and we're running late as usual. Or should I
California Mishegoss
RIP Stephen Hawking, Music, The Web, California and more...
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #170 • View online
Hello All!
A letter from me to you!
It’s another Sunday and we’re running late as usual. Or should I say I’m running late? Don’t want to include Patti when I am lazy.
Last week we didn’t publish a newsletter as you all know. It wasn’t because we didn’t have stories or Patti didn’t want it. It was all me and my own thinking.
We’ve published this newsletter for over a year. On Revue alone we have 170 issues including this one. I’m proud we’ve come that far, but I also know we are not that popular in the world and that’s my fault, not Patti’s.
She has been behind my idea for this newsletter since I came up with the name and idea. She loved the name knowing what it meant to me and also felt the newsletter would be better than the blog I was writing under the same name.
The one thing I’ve always been is honest with myself when it comes to ideas and business. With that in mind last week I started to doubt the continuation of the newsletter. I just didn’t see us growing as I would like and also failed to see the niche we were carving and how many may not even get our work.
It was Martijn, one of the founders of this platform that helped me decide to keep going. He simply stated, “I still like that topic, I feel it’s a bit more niche and something people are really struggling with.”
That’s all I needed to look again at the newsletter and more importantly my reasons for publishing this newsletter with the current content. 
There is always room for improvement and I am always on the road looking for a better way to produce our content. In doing that I spend countless hours researching, finding, and reading other newsletters. 
Speaking of newsletters I found this great newsletter recently that I subscribe to and recommend you do also if you enjoy reading about California. It’s called California Sun. It’s written by Mike McPhate, a former California correspondent for the New York Times. Check it out!
What we have as Martijn states is a more niche than people are ready for. Does that make us ahead of the curve? I’d like to think so. Which means we need to continue doing what we are doing. In the end, our niche will be understood and enjoyed.
We don’t have hundreds or thousands of followers/readers, but what we have our loyal followers/readers and for that we are thankful.
What I simply want to say is we’re here to stay. Our goal is to give you some great stories that you may not have seen or read lately. We may not be political or controversial, but we like it that way and hope you do also?
Be Well,
Mark and Patti
P.S. Don’t worry we didn’t forget a few stories for you to check out!

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