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Standing-Up to the N-Word, 10 New Laws, Food, Wine, Cannabis, Mishegoss, & More

Hi Friends! Patti and I want to welcome you to Thursday, October, 4th's evening edition of California
California Mishegoss
Standing-Up to the N-Word, 10 New Laws, Food, Wine, Cannabis, Mishegoss, & More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #231 • View online
Hi Friends!
Patti and I want to welcome you to Thursday, October, 4th’s evening edition of California Mishegoss.
So we’re keeping the posts between 12 and 15 from this point on. That seems to be the sweet spot, so to speak, that everyone can find something of interest. 
We’ve added categories back, and we feel this is the best way to present our handpicked stories to you. Would you agree?
We’ve changed some of the names of the categories to represent a better overall description of what we post. We did keep a couple that we like, such as California Mishegoss, California Living and of course California Food, Wine, Beer, & More. 
Enjoy tonight’s newsletter by kicking back with your favorite drink, and we will be in your inbox once again on Sunday AM.
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California News & Culture - Local & State Wide
Stop bullying campaign after boy called N-word at CA school | The Fresno Bee
4 men linked to Southern California-based white supremacist group are charged in connection with violent Charlottesville rally – Daily Breeze
LIVE: Monterey dioceses named in new sex abuse lawsuit
Anonymous donor helps food bank feed more than 20,000 people - Bakersfield, CA
10 new laws in California that will have an impact on you | The Sacramento Bee
California Food, Wine, Beer, & More
Where to Find the Best Bean-to-Brew Coffee Experiences in SoCal | KCET
California Grape Farmers Brace For Rain As Harvest Season Arrives « CBS Sacramento
Nosh Around Newport Beach Wine & Food  - NBC Southern California
Cannabis Country: An insider’s view of the industry | Opinion |
California Living
California's cost of living is pitting millennials against baby boomer
41% of Californians think they eat healthier than most people | YouGov
Oceanside: A Renaissance of Food, Culture and Hospitality - Monrovia Weekly
California Happenings
Rock Solid Fun: Morro Bay Harbor Fest  - NBC Southern California
California Mishegoss Files
These Are Some of the Earliest Photos of Surfing in California | The Inertia
Grain-free, exotic dog food fad linked to heart disease | Pets |
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