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Sunday Mishegoss-Issue #62

Welcome to Sunday Mishegoss! I thought today I would stick to a topic that I know a great deal about
California Mishegoss
Sunday Mishegoss-Issue #62
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #62 • View online
Welcome to Sunday Mishegoss!
I thought today I would stick to a topic that I know a great deal about or think I do anyway.
 I worked in an industry for years where obstacles were a way of life. I remember when I first started thinking that if I keep running into obstacles, I need to change my profession.
Then I started to realize that obstacles are all around us. Just going to school (when I was in school), going to the store or just going for a drive.
I would go through training sessions where I would hear the same thing over and over, “Obstacles are stepping stones to success.” Over and over these supposed guru’s would state that. All I got were more obstacles to step on. 
I never gave up, though. One day this client I had who was much older and wiser than the young man I was told me something that I have followed ever since. 
What he said was forget obstacles being stepping stones to success. Many time those stones sink under your feet, and then you drown. The crux of his statement was sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, and you need to know when to walk away and not feel beaten.
You try walking away from something you want bad and see if you aren’t defeated?  I know it’s happened to me many times before talking to my friend.
In the end, I came to look at life and obstacles with this quote, Sometimes you eat the bear and other times the bear eats you.
I found a couple of posts for today on obstacles in life. One about my favorite charity, Charity: Water and it’s founder Scott Harrison and the other on films, directors, and their obstacles.
The final story today is from our publication on Medium, Imperfect Writers of the World, which was just picked by Flipboard Staff as a magazine they love listed under the label MagsWeLove.
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Also check out our publication on Medium, Imperfect Writers of the World. I believe you will enjoy the writers.
Have a great Sunday,
Mark & Patti

130: How to Start a Social Enterprise with Scott Harrison of charity: water - Foundr
From Our Publication on
Bragging Rights & Flipboard – Imperfect Writers of the World
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