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T.G.I.F. Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #16

It's Veteran's Day! Support a Veteran now and always. Thank you to everyone who has served or is stil
California Mishegoss
T.G.I.F. Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #16
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #16 • View online
It’s Veteran’s Day! Support a Veteran now and always. Thank you to everyone who has served or is still serving. We love you and appreciate your service.
We made it! At least I hope we all made it till Friday. God know it’s been a rough week for some of us. For others, it was a great week. Whichever way it went for you, it’s Friday and the weekend is here. 
Do you have big plans for this weekend? Maybe picking out a Christmas Tree to cut down later? How about preparing for Thanksgiving either at home, at a relative’s home or maybe you’re taking a trip?
Being Friday, I looked for different things going on out there so read on and enjoy.
Have a great weekend


Thoughts Of The Holidays Coming
I wasn’t thinking about the holidays till this morning when a local radio station in Fresno, California flipped the switch and started to play Christmas Music.
The station 98.9, Soft Rock, usually starts this on Thanksgiving Day, but their reasoning to kick into gear today was that since the country and many of it’s people seem to be depressed and in turmoil over the elections they would do this to get people thinking happier thoughts.
I don’t know if that’s going to work? If may you think of more things you have to do before the holiday season arrives and you’re just not ready.
Either way, this is happening here in Fresno. I don’t know about other locations. If you know of this phenomenon happening in other places, let me know.
This also led me to posting the below link!
One Of My Favorite Non-Profits
For the Holidays may I suggest this? is one of my favorite organizations that I know for a fact follow through on their mission every day. I have donated, hosted, and volunteered for them since they began and will continue till I Can’t any longer.
When you think about donations or organizations to donate too, think 
By the way, I am not getting paid or anything for this post. It’s because I believe in them.
Are Feeling Stressed?
Now Here's A Great Idea.
Why is the Netherlands closing half of its prisons?
More From The Black Lives Matter Protests!
See the mannequin challenge transform into a BLM protest
Are You Headed to SXSW In @017?
Boost Your Circle of Connections: 35+ Film Mentors & Round Table Participants Added - SXSW
No More Election News. But, I Couldn't Resist This One.
Ron Perlman announces he's running for president in 2020
If You Make These Feel Free To Send Them This Way!
Friday Photo to Be Amazed By!
Sunset in Spain
Sunset in Spain
Closing Thought For Friday!
A Song For The Weekend!
Every Kinda People - Live (1980/London), a song by Robert Palmer on Spotify
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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