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The X-Files, Timber, Lobsters, Rape in Myanmar, Rome, and more

Tuesday already. Made it through another Monday, correct? No major issues we hope? No nasty e-mails o
California Mishegoss
The X-Files, Timber, Lobsters, Rape in Myanmar, Rome, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #146 • View online
Tuesday already. Made it through another Monday, correct? No major issues we hope? No nasty e-mails or mail aboutwe trust? How about arguments in the workplace of at home? Everything’s good, right? Then let’s move on with the week.
In life there are so many twists and turns Everything'swe face, and we wondered how everyone handles them. We will give you a few of our tricks, but while reading this we want you to consider some of the twists and turns you have had to face and give us the lowdown on how you dealt with them. To do that click the thumbs up or down and comment. Or you can comment on Medium if you happen to be reading this newsletter on Medium now. Then again, you could shoot us an email at If you give us permission to use your post, we’ll pick a couple and post them in the next newsletter, Sunday.
We run into twists and turns every day in our life and we adjust as needed. It could be a bill or maybe a rescheduling of Patti for work. Whatever it is we run into we adapt as best as we can. There are no right or wrong answer to what we do. It’s about how we do it and what we need to do to make it right.
Making things right isn’t easy for yourself. We have a hard time when we have to change the schedule or adapt to something we weren’t prepared for. No matter how hard it is we make it happen. When we make it happen, we look at what else will be affected by our choice. The choice to make something right can sometimes be costly. It could be dollars and cents or it could be your word about something. What has to be considered is what’s important at that moment?
Everyone has good intentions. Everyone wants to help others, but does that happen all the time? We’re talking about life and work right now. Sometimes your good intentions to add work to your already busy workload will make you points with the boss, but if it isn’t completed on time or correctly due to your workload what good was taking it on? That good intention and wanting to impress the boss just failed. Why give yourself more crap to worry about?
We say stick with your routine and drive. It doesn’t hurt to work harder as long as it’s smarter. Hustling is good if it’s what you want to do and are good at it. You can adapt and try hustling, but if you haven’t grasped how it affects everything else, then you could end up failing or driving yourself insane. We’re not saying don’t try it, but be prepared for the outcome and don’t let the outcome if not what you expected get you down. It’s something new. It needs to be practiced over and over before you can change your decision.
Make changes. Adapt to your world and make it right. Don’t let others dictate to you how you should live or work. Work with what you have. Work your magic as you do every day and never be swayed to tackle more than you can handle. It isn’t worth the stress or sometimes the results. Just always ask yourself if you’re happy with your success if life and business. If not adapt, change, or do whatever is needed to be happy.
This life your working and living in is all about you. It’s all about you, your family and again you. Never ever forget that!
Mark & Patti

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