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Weed, Port-A-Potties, Earhart, and more

Another Thanksgiving under our belt. How was yours? We had a great time with the family eating more t
California Mishegoss
Weed, Port-A-Potties, Earhart, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #159 • View online
Another Thanksgiving under our belt. How was yours? We had a great time with the family eating more than we should have, but enjoying each morsel more and more.
Now it’s on to more important holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Here’s a question for everyone about New Year’s? Do you make resolutions for New Year’s?
I read a great post today about making and starting your resolutions now instead of waiting so you have a head start. I thought this was a good idea considering most people give up on their resolutions by February or March.
I remember years ago reading about health clubs and how their memberships go way up after the first of the new year and by March those same enthusiastic members drop off by the boat loads. Added to this was a group of people who were interviewed telling about giving up on their diet resolutions, work resolution and more. Seems it’s hard to keep those resolutions going.
So starting some of them now may not be a bad idea. We talked about it a little and Patti and I agreed it might not be a bad idea to try that this year with our resolutions. Now we need to come up with some resolutions we want to start this new year. THere’s always something!
We curated good stories this week to post and hope you like it as much as we did. There is one story which is an update on the beluga whale we talked about in a past issue. We wanted to keep you updated.
There’s been a great deal of stories about weed in California and other locales, but none more than here and we wanted to give you the skinny on what we know. 
Along with the above there was a new story about Amelia Earhart which I found interesting. There seems to stories when it come to her disappearance and D.B. Cooper’s. There was a story last week on the web of the FBI withholding information about D.B. and his escape and a letter that was found proving that. 
There was a great deal of information published this week about President Kennedy’s assassination and the remote thought one of his security detail fired the fatal shot. More fact or conspiracy? You can decide. We didn’t cover it here since it was all over the internet.
Well there is two other stories to check out, and I posted two of my podcasts from the week on listening. Hope you listen and enjoy. If you like them and this newsletter we would appreciate it if you share them with others. If not let us know how we can make both better. 
Here’s the link to subscribe and listen to the podcast: 
Have a great week and see you next Sunday!
Mark & Patti

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