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Wine is Fine, Organics, Fires, Climate Change, and more

Well, here we are again, Tuesday of a new week and we're excited to talk about changes we're working
California Mishegoss
Wine is Fine, Organics, Fires, Climate Change, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #152 • View online
Well, here we are again, Tuesday of a new week and we’re excited to talk about changes we’re working on in the coming week on the newsletter and our podcast. We’ll tackle the podcast first since the newsletter changes are still being worked out.
The plan for the podcast is to publish one in-depth story a week and possibly podcasting a story every day. Mark talked about this on the podcast a few times over the last few months and then today The Skimm newsletter came out with their version. A once a week, on Monday story too10 minutes long newsletteravailable on their app on iOS or Android.
With that happening we felt it was the right time to kick off Mark’s idea. We’re probably too late in the game to get traction, but one never knows till you try, right? We though about doing it earlier and we kept holding back waiting for the right time. I guess it’s that time?
Here’s the link to yesterday’s podcast about this topic: It’s All Mishegoss!
We’re working out the finer details and mechanics of making this all happen on the podcast, but we’re sure it will all work out.
As for the newsletter we’re tossing and turning about going daily once again? We’re not looking to spam you or sell you anything, but daily,there are so many stories needed to be told as they happen I we aren’t looking to publish stale news) we feel the need to post when it’s hot. THese are earth shattering stories, but they are important and should be seen in a timely fashion.
With our publication schedule as it is we only deliver twice a week and some of these stories are old by those days. At least that’s how we see it right now. We’re sure you you would like to voice an opinion in this and we would like to hear your thoughts. You can do that by clicking on the thumbs up or down and writing a comment about this change.
Without your support it makes little sense for us to change the publication schedule right now. But, if you agree that getting the stories in a timely fashion are important and every day won’t bother you then off we go. We will make it happen.
If we go daily, we won’t crowd the newsletter with a bunch of useless gibberish. We will do our best to post the best and if it’s only one or two stories than so be it. There will be more commentary with less stories.
The other thing being tossed around is covering mainstream stories which is something we have avoided. There have been a few readers that have supported the idea if the stories were tasteful and not just run of the mill. If they’re important and reported well, then they should be included. Again we would like to have your thoughts on this.
So click away below abd let us know. Without you guys It’s All Mishegoss wouldn’t be published so our future is in your hands.
Mark & Patti

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