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Women & Tech, Environment, RIP Jay Thomas, Health, Harvey, & More

TKO! That's the way it happened in the 10th. Did you watch the fight? We didn't although we followed
California Mishegoss
Women & Tech, Environment, RIP Jay Thomas, Health, Harvey, & More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #137 • View online
TKO! That’s the way it happened in the 10th. Did you watch the fight? We didn’t although we followed some of the updates along the way. Mark had already called the fight earlier. He could have been wrong, but wasn’t and neither were the pros.
Harvey has been fighting Texas for two days now and the people are fighting back and far from a TKO, but they are in distress and the calls to the police for help outweigh the services they relaxationoffer. So the police have put their own calls out to the public for people with boats to help with help the rescue efforts. If you’re reading this and are in the Texas area struck by the hurricane and have a boat contact your local police department to help.
When you’re sitting around on a Sunday what is going through your head? Are you considering the week ahead or are you looking back on last week, or maybe both? Are you thinking of bills relaxationdue for the week? How about projects you need to complete or start at work? what we’re getting at is Sunday’s long ago used to be a day of rest and relaxation for families throughout the world. It was and sometimes still is a day of rest.
On the other hand over the years Sunday has become just another day for many. There is no rest or relaxation. It’s a steady flow of thoughts about what was and what’s to come. There isn’t a down time for the brain and that can be physically, emotionally, and psychologically not healthy.
So what do you do? We’re looking for your input on how to get back your Sunday. 
Mark & Patti

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